ACTION NEEDED: Good morning, Stone Oak Rotary Club!  We need your help.  We have received notice of a need in India which is requesting donations of artificial limbs which will go to polio victims in India.  Please look at the request below and click on the button to vote YES or NO to the donation of 100 limbs for $1,260.00.  This value has been determined based on our club's past giving and our current charity fund availability.
The Jaipur Limb Factory is an organization founded by Rotarians making a difference to amputees in India for the last 40 years and continues to do so today! 
With your help, thousands of recipients will receive this life-changing limb – through a global grant project between clubs in our district and those in the Jaipur district in India. 
For money donated between now and June 30th, a contribution of $12.60 (after our district match, and the match of the Jaipur clubs and district, as well as the match from our Rotary Foundation) provides an individual in India with the limb they need to change their life! A club’s contribution of $3000 would allow the project to provide 238 limbs to those in need!  What a huge impact!!
You can see some videos about the Jaipur Limb at this link:
I recommend the one entitled:  BMVSS and Jaipur Foot: Making the Impossible Possible,  although others are quite informative as well.
This is also a very good video, although a bit older, but still shows how this project works:
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