Computers and the thrills of on-line activity
Jan 17, 2019
Thomas Freeman
Computers and the thrills of on-line activity

Thomas is a native Texan born in Fort Worth, TX. He grew up most of his childhood life in Oklahoma City but later moved to Midland, TX where he graduated from Midland Lee High School. After high school, Thomas went to his first year of college up in Dallas and then decided to move to Los Angeles to a pursue a career in the TV and Film Industry.

Thomas graduated college from California State University Los Angeles with a degree in Film, TV, and Radio. He later went on to work in the TV and Film industry for many years working his way up as a Producer on the late night talk show “Tavis Smiley” on PBS. After working on “Tavis Smiley” for 11 years and wanting a change from the busy life of Los Angeles, Thomas made his way back to Fort Worth, TX to pursue something new. 

In May 2017, 5 months after returning to Texas, Thomas heard of a new Franchise starting up called “NerdsToGo”. After meeting with the company he decided to sign on and open up the 4th location in the franchise in San Antonio, TX. Thomas has now been running NerdsToGo San Antonio, TX since January 2018 helping Residential and Business customers with their computer and IT needs.