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Stone Oak, San Anton
Academy for Creative Education
3736 Perrin Central
Building #2
San Antonio, TX  78217
United States


ACE Scholarship Interviews

What we're doing:

Every year, we give scholarships to several Senior students at the Academy for Creative Education, or ACE.  These scholarships go to students in order to help them toward a college education.  Part of the scholarship process is an interview requirement, so that our club can chose the students who receive these scholarships.

Why should you help?

We are blessed with the ability to help these students, but as club members this is your chance to be involved with the process beyond your donations and fundraising.  Many past recipients of Stone Oak Rotary scholarships have gone on to do wonderful things with their lives, and many are able to do so only because of this scholarship program.  Come face-to-face with the young men and women who are receiving this scholarship and realize how much good we as a club are doing for the young men and women of our community!

What do I need to wear?

Because you are representing our club in an official capacity when you are conducting scholarship interviews, please consider wearing your Stone Oak Rotary Club shirt or your Rotary pin.


8:00am- Check in with the front office to receive your visitors badge.