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Taste of the Northside Apr 27, 2017
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Maria "Duda" Barbosa May 04, 2017
Dr. Richard Drake May 11, 2017
Snoring and Sleep Apnea
Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Dr. Drake earned his DDS degree from the University of Texas HSC in San Antonio, TX in 1989. He practiced general dentistry until 2001, when a trip to the Amazon jungle for peacock bass landed him in a tent with a fellow fisherman who snored so loudly he scared the monkeys away at night! Soon after, he devoted his practice to the treatment of snoring, upper airway resistance, and obstructive sleep apnea. 

He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and has served as the Secretary/Treasurer and also President Elect of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He routinely lectures to dentists and physicians all across the United States.

Michael Lammey May 18, 2017
Safety Happens
Safety Happens

PO1, Michael K. Lammey, Ret.

On an ordinary day in December 2006, under what seemed to be ordinary circumstances, “Safety Happens” was forged in the 720 degree steam and heat of a boiler explosion aboard the USS Frank Cable, Guam. PO1 Michael Lammey was burned over 56% of his body with 3rd degree burns. He decided during the four years following the accident, and after going through 50+ surgeries and thousands of rehabilitation hours, that enough was enough. The explosion affected six seamen and their
families, with two fatalities in its wake. Michael experienced first-hand the toll of the explosion, and the effect it had on his and his shipmate’s family and friends.

He slowly began to understand his life was meant for a definite purpose, and he and his family began organizing resources to meet that purpose. As he defines it, his company, Safety Happens, exists to educate organizations and their safety team members who work in high pressure, dangerous vocations that safety does matter. Every person who leaves for work should expect to return home in good health. Unsafe working conditions affect service delivery quality and worker productivity and retention. Safety should be viewed as an integral part of human resources management systems – hazardous environments
increase absenteeism, turnover, risk of abandoning the profession, short-term sick leave, longer-term disability, and even death. For an organization already suffering safety issues, there is risk of additional accidents, as the workers who remain have an increased risk of physical and emotional harm as they try to navigate the workplace to provide coverage.

If a worker is injured on the job, the company loses – lost work hours, increased insurance rates, worker’s compensation premiums, and possible litigation – as well as dealing with workers who respond to the injured worker. They may end up distracted or needing time off to deal with the aftermath - a single injury can have debilitating effects on an organization. The worker loses – income, physical and emotion distress dealing with their injury, resources stretched to the breaking point, substantial time demands on family members – human loss and suffering is immeasurable.

Michael’s injuries are not a result of a safety protocol violation. His injuries can be directly attributed to complacency backed by a false sense of security. He began to recognize that when people routinely perform repetitive and dangerous tasks, it is very easy to become desensitized to the inherent risk of what could happen, and what also could happen after a risk becomes a reality. The two factors alone - complacency coupled with a false sense of security can and do produce catastrophic results.

Stephanie Wiese May 25, 2017
Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio

Our Mission

Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio, Inc. (HFHSA) is an ecumenical Christian non-profit housing organization working in partnership with God's people in need to build modest, decent and affordable houses without interest or profit, thereby witnessing God's love in action. Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

What We Do

HFHSA works with low-income families who would not otherwise be able to afford a house. We partner with hardworking families in need and help them build affordable houses for themselves and their families at no interest and no profit. We are not a charity or a “handout” program, but rather we help families help themselves. We have built 1,000+ houses for families in need.

Terina McIntyre Jun 01, 2017
Texas Center for Infectious Disease
Beatrice Stephens Jun 08, 2017
Texas Foundation of Hope
Mike O'Krent Jun 15, 2017
LifeStories Alive
LifeStories Alive

Mike O'Krent, founder of LifeStories Alive, LLC, specializes in making personal history videos for families that value their heritage. They create family heirlooms in video – digitally mastered records of life stories with personal accounts, photos and mementos of family history.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and graduating from Southern Methodist University with a BBA in Marketing and Management, he entered his family’s retail floor covering business as the 4th generation in that business.

Between 1996 and 2000 Mike interviewed Holocaust survivors for Steven Spielberg's Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. During that incredible experience, he discovered the process and the importance of recording the life stories of our loved ones. 

Mike moved to Austin in 1998 when he bought and managed a local floor covering business; then sold it in 2004. He finally found his passion in business when he started LifeStories Alive at the end of 2005.

Since the beginnings of LifeStories Alive, the business has expanded its expertise beyond capturing personal histories for families to now include 

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Preparation for Annual Awards Banquet Jun 29, 2017
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